Privacy Policy

          Parents must register only if their Daughter is 18+ or their Son is 21+ as per Indian government marriage law.

·         Non registered members can search profile in home page/search page, if they want to express interest then they need to be a registered member.

·         Contact details will not be displayed in search page and also to registered members or brokers or any third party.

·         None of the profile information will be shared to anyone outside the website like mails or whatsup or SMS.

·         This website is mainly used for Parents/Guardians or Marriage brokers to register by using their mail id and phone number by adding their respective Son/Daughter/client details.

·         Website does not have option to accept photos.

·         Website does not have option to accept Son/Daughter name, mail id and contact details.

·         Parents/Guardians can only register single profile.

·         Broker have option to register multiple profiles, Broker also have option to use Bulk upload option if they have more number of clients.

·         Parents/Guardian will have option to update profile details if they require.

·         Parents who register for their Son can only view other daughter’s profiles.

·         Parents who register for their Daughter can only view other Son’s profiles.

·         Parents or Brokers can express interests on multiple profiles, if required.

·         Member can express interest only once to particular profile.

·         Interest is accepted only when the person is register member with all mandatory information.

·         Once interest is expressed to a particular profile, the profile who receives interest can view contact details of the one who has expressed.

·         Only when the receiver accepts interest, interest show member can view the interest show contact details.

·         None of the contact details will be shared outside the in any way.

·         If the interest receiver rejects the interest which has been received, then the interest expressed member will not be able to view contact details.

· will not accept duplicate profile.