Terms & Conditions

·         1821matrimony.com is not a dating site this is used only for marriage match making.

·         Confirming the member information provided is correct to the best of his/her knowledge.

·         Free registration

·         Free profile Search

·         Free express interest

·         Free contact details

·         No photos

·         Any given point no one will ask money on any use of the 1821matrimony site.

·         We collect system details while registration for security reasons.

·         Any Indian government ID with address proof must be uploaded as per Indian government and this information will never be shown in website; this is saved for security reasons.

·         If the mandatory information is missing in profile while registration, those profiles will be not visible in search page and other cannot show interest to that particular profile and even incomplete profile will not be allowed to express interest.

·         Only when registered member express interest or accept interest, contact details will be exchanged and members are responsible to whom their contact should be visible.

·         1821matrimony.com will not take any responsible on any misuse of contact details by registered members.

·         All the communication will be taken with members offline and 1821matrimony.com is not responsible those communication.

·         1821matrimony.com will accept Email id and phone number while registration for further communication.

·         1821matrimony.com has all right to contact register member for any information, if required.

·         1821matrimony.com will not sell or share any registered member information or profile data including contact details to any one without member permission or confirmation.

·         Interested profile Email id will be used and displayed  in the website for offline communication only after interest expressed or interest accept.

·         1821matrimony.com will verify all registered member’s email ids.

·         No phone number will be displayed for member offline communication.

·         1821matrimony.com is not responsible for any wrong data which are provided by register members.

·         1821matrimony.com has all rights to remove or delete the membership in any given point of time, if required.

·         1821matrimony.com has all rights to cross verify and take required action in any way to any member if their profile is reported from any other members in website.

·         1821matrimony.com will be adding new feature in terms of business, marketing and technologies, there might be down time website due to maintenance purpose.

·         All the data will be kept secure and 1821matrimony.com uses third partly secure server to store data.

·         Register member can close the membership in any given point of time and that information will not be visible in website profile search but those information will be tagged as deleted and will be saved at least for a year for security reason as per Indian government law.

·         Members cannot use 1821matrimony.com for any other purpose apart from their profile advertisement for marriage match making.

·         No one from 1821matrimony.com will ask money for any kind of membership or to use website in any given point of time.

·         1821matrimony.com has been designed to accept horoscope data, which is mandatory to decide profile match, if people are not interested to provide these kinds of data, then 1821matrimony.com is not the right platform for marriage profile search.

·         Matching making value like ‘Better match’ and ‘Good match’ which are visible in search results are as per high level match done on Rashi and Star, this will not be final match and member need to cross check this will professional horoscope match makers.

   Any incomplete member/profile will be removed after 15 days.

·         For any ‘clarification’ or ‘help’ or ‘feedback’ or ‘complaints’ or ‘suggestion’, please send a mail to support@1821matrimony.com